Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'm Back

Hello everyone,

I'm back. After 2 years of inactive, today a friend reminded me that i got blog. And i decide to write a blog post today.

Quite a lot of thing happened from my last blog post from 2 years ago. Study, career, friendship, attitude toward life, and etc

 Let's start with my study. I finally gradated and official a degree holder. 3 years with all the night classes and midnight oil for assignment and exam, i graduated with second lower class. I think for someone that are super lazy to study, this is quite an achievement.

As for my career, I changed 3 different companies and I get my license for my job. So now i'm a license Company Secretary. I used 5 years to achieve my 10 years goals. Is it too fast ? I dont know. I just know that people around me still struggling to for study and exam. I still thinking whether should i take up another professional paper or stay comfortable in where i am now.

For this few years, i also been travel around. I think I wanna go to as much places as I can before I die. I been to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali, Boracay, Ho Chi Minh City, Perth and Singapore. Mostly just Asia country but i believe maybe 2-3 years later i will be able to fly out from Asia and move to Europe or United States. Start to work hard and save money now.

Friendship - I get to know some new friends, lose some old friend. It's life i guess. People come and people go. No one  will really ever stay in your life forever, I am grateful for friends that still love me and i wish all the best for the friends that leave me.  I also learnt that you don't need to try so hard to fit into certain group of people, if you can fit in, then you would fit in, if you can't, no matter how hard you try, you still never belong to the group of people. What for to waste your time and energy with people that do not appreciate you and give up those who love you.

That's all for now. I think I will update this quite often from now on.

With Love
Ryan L

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Eric Hah said...

Welcome back little Lion! So glad you are writing again!!!